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You could say I was feeling myself lololol, I look like I could be on the cover of @voguemagazine 👀💋😜 but why is my hand like that it looks broken... 😅 credits to my boo @ashley_george97 for taking the picture ❤️❤️😘
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Sometimes in life you may feel that you aren't good enough, pretty enough, fit enough, fun enough, bad enough, Educated enough for a person, a job, to engage in a certain group to obtain their friendship...but let me tell you.. you are more than enough. You are beautiful because you are you. Never let anyone make you feel that you are not good enough...perhaps you did not receive that job because you were overqualified and a threat..maybe you were rejected by someone because you were too good for them and they knew it. Whatever the situation may be...know that you are more than enough... ❤ why? Because you are you❤ #loveyourself #behumble #beconfident #beyou❤ #embracewhoyouare #youarebeautiful #youarewonderfullymade
My sort of finished Calligraphy wood sign
Losing you would hurt, but losing my color corrector, beauty blender, makeup brush and my nude lip color would be a tragedy. 😉 
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One thing I love about me is my scars. It's rare for someone to say that, but it's true! Let me tell you why.
I have scars on the backs of my ankles and calves from the hours and hours I spent rehearsing for dance. I fell, I stumbled, and you bet I scratched myself with my character shoes and heels! But I trained as hard as I could and loved every grueling minute of it.
I have scars on my arms and my back from when I was abused and self-harming. I would anxiously scratch and do anything I could to take the emotional pain fade even for just a second. It was one of my lowest lows I'll probably ever experience in my lifetime.
I have a bald scar above my left ear from skin surgery/a car accident that reopened the wound. I hated wearing my hair up for the longest time because I was so self-conscious that people would notice it!
As seen in this photo on my hip bone, I have a scar from skin surgery that I just had in January. I had a pre-melanoma scare with two different moles so I spent two months recovering from two deep excisions. Not only was I sitting in my apartment with nothing to do, but I was also awaiting results from my dermatologist for weeks. It was one of the scariest times in my adult life especially since some of my family members have had experience with melanoma.
For a lot of my life I've struggled trying to accept my scars because they were what I thought of as flaws, not just physically, but mentally. I used to hate the constant reminders of what I had experienced because it was hard to let myself feel it.
BUT now that I'm older, I have come to appreciate them because they have made me who I am. Some are happy scars and some are not. But they're a reminder that I am a lot stronger than I think I am. It's easy to forget how much strength you have within when you're going through the lowest points.
But you are STRONG. We are all strong in our own ways and should celebrate those things that make us different. ❤️
I encourage you to find those scars, physical or mental, and remind yourself that you are still standing here today. You belong here. You made it through. And you are loved.
❤️ #selfloveweek
# 50 vom. Kopf ins Herz… …was braucht es, damit es Dir richtig gut geht? Was sind Deine Talente?
Wie kannst Du Deine Gedanken Kontrollieren? Wie kannst Du Deinen Fokus halten?

Ja zu sich, Mut & Klarheit. Ein guter und wichtiger Grundstein für die Teilnehmerinnen wurde an diesen beiden Tagen gelegt.

Erkenntnisse & Methoden, die es jetzt heißt in die Tat umzusetzen, ins tägliche Tun einzubringen. 
Was genau sich bei den Teilnehmerinnen verändert hat, wie wir die beiden Tage verbracht haben und was sie für sich für Erkenntnisse gewonnen haben?

Hör gern rein! 
Ich freu mich, auf DICH 💕

bettina@bettinagreschner.de  http://bettinagreschner.libsyn.com 
Alles Liebe für Dich, genieße DICH und DEIN Leben,
Deine Bettina 🌸
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Maya my muse.

Hey guess what ladies? We don't need to smile to be beautiful. We don't need to smile when asked. We don't need to be beautiful in THEIR eyes to be beautiful. 
Dozens, hundreds or thousands of people can double click a pic, but don't leave it up to them to validate your beauty or worth. It feels so much better when you take back that power for yourself. 
There is so much more beauty to a moment than a picture can capture. Yes she's cute & stylin. Yes she is killin that pose. Yes the colors are vibrant. Yes this filter is pretty damn cool. Yes she SLAYS! But I don't wanna limit my view of what I find beautiful to just a pic and the likes it gets.

Maya you are 30 now. 
You are beautiful, then. 
You are beautiful now. 
You are beautiful always.

You don't need to smile to be beautiful. 
You don't need to smile when asked. 
You are you, and THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!
Happy 30th birthday!
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Do you know how much God loves you? It took me a while to believe that I am beautiful. If you say it you either sound conceited or you say it and really don't believe it. I was both. I couldn't get myself to believing it nor did I want to sound arrogant. But then I found God. He said in His word that I am beautifully and wonderfully made. He said that I am the apple of his eye. I am worth far beyond rubies. That I am a good thing. My God is not a man that He would lie so anything that contradicts His word is false. Once I started seeking God He showed me what beauty was and how love is. And the verse saying He gave His only son to die not just for my sins but for the world's sins hit me. What person do you know that can give such a sacrifice like that? He gave his son's life to save someone like me. God loves me. God loves you. And He created you fearfully and wonderfully like no other. There is no one in this world that looks or acts exactly like you. That means He took His time when he had you in mind. He made you perfect in his image. Women struggle just looking at themselves and believing in their beauty forgetting that your creator knew what He was doing when he created you. So the next time you look at yourself remember you are beautiful. You are loved. And no one can ever love you like your Heavenly Father can. #stayblessed #😘 #daughteroftheonetruekind #queen 
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I am a thick girl. Never skinny. I'm totally good with that. I happen to like some meat on people's bones.  I am so tired of listening to women complain about their bodies and their weight... And honestly it's always skinny chicks LOL. I can't tell you how many times I've been in a room full of women way smaller than me and been the only one not bitching about her weight. Let's stop hating on ourselves ladies. #loveyourself #youarebeautiful #thick #thickwomen #sexy #sexyasfuck #fitness #girlpower #beauty #beautiful #stopputtingyourselfdown #curves #curvy #curvywomen #beautifulwomen #thickthighs #goals #goalweight
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To my Metal Maniacs and my Freaky Fucks.. when you take off your corpse paint and the blood is washed away, you'd better flash some teeth my way!! Love yourself. Because you are fucking badass! And I dig the shit out of what you call your