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Swimming with whale sharks 🦈 something I'll never forget
Two years ago, I spent the summer living and working on this magical little Greek island where I made a best friend for life who sadly lives on the opposite side of the world. After 2 years apart, I'm officially going to Norway in January for a few weeks to experience the amazingness of the country and reunite with my best friend @olakassen ! All thanks to this crazy little island πŸ’•
Jungle paradise
Having major travel withdrawals after being home for a few days. Missing everything about this amazing country 😒
If I believed in heaven, this is what I imagine it would look like
Pretty heartbroken to be leaving this incredible country today. The Philippines has the most breathtaking landscape I've ever seen, the kindest, most genuine and helpful people I've ever met, and really delicious food. I will be back soon 😘next up is Bali!
Couldn't believe the size of these guys🦈 such an incredible experience
The last couple weeks have introduced me to a whole new world underwater 🌊