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Sometimes as the days seem to get longer I have to remind myself that we only have so many days that we get to live. It's always been a really hard concept for me, but it's the truth. I sometimes have days where time feels like it literally slips out of my hands and I'm not sure how I can grab on any tighter. Sometimes the best memories seem to fly by so fast and then you end up looking back wishing I you could go back and hold on tighter. I try now as I wake up to remember that these moments will never be there again. So, I hold on a little tighter. To every child I meet and make smile, to every baby I capture coming into this world, to every mom and dad running with their kids in the woods, to every mothers smile as they feel their baby kicking inside, to my personal life and moments that make my heart so happy, and to the moments that came from my hands, and the art that I captured. I hold on. Life is such a beautiful, and messy thing. Some days it's so beautiful and my heart literally almost burst out of my chest as I watch a perfect little angel come into this world, and some days well are just not good days. Where the news overpowers and our fears start to become enormous weights. With the good and the bad i have learned to embrace the moments. Some days we meet good people and other days we feel horribly disappointed in people. This life is messy, beautiful and always a ride, but if there's one way to live we must embrace the moments that make us feel more alive than ever. ✌🏼CARPE DIEM ✌🏼
Through it all I think we should always try to find pieces of ourselves. We should continue to search for light and continue to reach for the sky. ✌🏼
As the sun sets a new day, our lives begin a new tomorrow. 🌞
With all this going on in the world and for all the long days that have felt like we couldn't bare to see more. I remind myself to appreciate the small things. Today I laughed a little bit more at my senior shoot and felt grateful to be around such happiness and joy. I feel that sometimes we get caught up in all this heavy and dark stuff that we forget to just take in the moments. To all you people out there who are maybe reading this. Don't ever forget to stop laughing. Always share your smile. Always share your joy and always share your light. We need more of it more than ever. Shine on people. Share your light wherever you may be or decide to go. ✌🏼: my beautiful sister whose smile is everything, oh and her laugh is the greatest.
I love finding animals that can roam free πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #justavegeteriansavingtheanimals ✌🏼
I hope everyone's Saturday was just PEACHEY πŸ‘
Living outside = πŸ• the best life πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Through it all, push through the unknown. Through it all, leave your footprint where you walk. Through it all, take chances because this life is so incredibly short.
Don't ever stop dreaming. Don't ever stop living. Don't ever stop believing in more 🌎
As I get older I seem to have this list of fears that I try to knock down over time. I know that we should not live in fear and I know that we should not let fear win, but sometimes it's overwhelming and it takes time. I think whether we all like to admit it or not we have fears. Some on the surface and others buried beneath us that only come out with as I like to call them
When the darkness feels close, remember to shine your light and it will be seen brighter than before. Hold your fire even when the ashes start to burnβ–ͺ️
There's something so magical about being in the middle of nowhere with no cell service, no plans and no worries except for what's happening in front of you and around you. If you're anything like me your life becomes busy, you almost start living a routine and sometimes you feel like your ready to scream. If your anything like me you worry way to much and you try and help everyone and everything around you. Sometimes though the worries become to much and you just need a breather. Away from it all. You need to fill your mind with peace, grace, forgiveness and quiet. It heals the soul I swear. As I was sitting here watching these animals in front of me I couldn't help but think how beautiful this world is. If your like me sometimes you get caught up in the worries and bad stuff in the world. It starts eating at me and it makes me crazy that I can't stop certain things or make things better. Here though in this moment. A mama with her cubs, the trees just barely shaking from the breeze, the sun hitting my face. Here is where I felt peace, here is where I felt stillness and perfection for the first time in a long time. In this moment I feared nothing. I felt the quiet and let the cool beautiful breeze hit my face with an awakening I needed. As the quote says it best
Do you ever stop and wonder what this life really holds for you. What your purpose is and how to make a difference in this huge world. If you know me, you know that my goal in life is to show people kindness, show them grace, teach them the magnitude of a memory, make them laugh, and show them that good people do exist. I often get discouraged in this big world. Sometimes when I'm out and about running errands I notice the worlds anger and it really wears on my heart. I sometimes wonder how do I change things, and where do I even start. I think what's important on those days is to remember the people we have beside us. The ones that make us great and the ones that give us hope. I am so lucky to have so many people by me that I can look to for inspiration. So on days that we feel most defeated, remember that you are not alone. Make your footprint known everyday for that may be the one thing someone is looking for. Small acts of love are the ones that are most impactful.
Beautiful pieces of life that bring us back to the depths we need to focus more on. πŸ–πŸ»
Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be and see like a bird. Seeing the world from above is something I have always dreamed of. Sure, you see it when you fly in an airplane, but being able to capture it and actually see it is another thing. It's always been a dream of mine
to see what the birds see.  Such peace it brings to have eyes from a different perspective.  To live and know heaven is above, and also below us... We are surrounded by grace in every direction. πŸ–πŸ» 🌲
Our journey in life πŸ–πŸ»
Our lives truly depend on the steps we take and don't take.
Lately, my faith has been shaken. People have betrayed good and left me speechless. 
My heart has been lost, but my strength has been found.
I have looked evil in the eyes and stood stronger than ever holding on to my grace tightly. 
My silence at times turns to strength because I was made to rise above and speak my truth when needed.
Do you ever walk this journey and feel that the people once on your path have been removed for a reason. 
God works in amazing ways, but I believe my god walks through it and helps guide the good into your life and the bad out. 
He brings strength to the weak and hope to the hurting.
This journey sometimes feels broken, but walk with grace and always be proud of what you stand for. 
That will always be enough.
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If you want to hear the music of the trees, they will sing to you. I promise, just listen. πŸ–πŸ»