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A little behind the scenes for you today! Here Ruth is checking the paper beads as the varnish dries. Did you know that this varnish process happens 3 times, making them water resistant! Cool hey?! And it's all done by hand making your piece truly unique!
These are becoming a favourite for sure! The Mwani Earrings are sure to be your easy go to for adding a pop of style to your wardrobe!  Btw, did you know that Mwani means seaweed in swahili? They are named after the seaweed because of the way they swing from your ears reminded our artisans of seaweed moving in water. Beautiful vision, right?
When your world changing style coordination is on point! 
We love seeing how you #wearthechange with your Grace & Able pieces! Tag us in with #graceandablestyle and we'll feature you world changers right here xo
There's a story told of a successful businessman talking with an intern. The intern asks him 'how do you define success?
Excuse the frown, I was deep in concentration! Did you realise that with Grace & Able  your purchase not only creates income for those in need but also provides them opportunity to receive training and become equipped with new skills and knowledge to go forge paths put of poverty that not only benefit themselves but also their families and communities too? Yep, your money really goes far with us! Make your money matter,  join us and #wearthechange today!
@grace_and_able not only create beautiful handmade jewellery, they help support under privileged people, one piece of jewellery at a time. 
Every purchase goes to help those who need it most, have a look through their account, the jewellery is just beautiful.
“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” -Nelson Mandela 
#throwback to the time I took my family with me to Uganda.  Now they ask weekly without fail when they can go back!
Hey guys, for todays #fridayintroductions I'd like you all to meet Robert. Robert is one of our Artisan partners in Uganda. Working amongst mainly ladies,  he brings a unique point of view and cheeky sense of humor to the group. Life hasn't always been cheerful or easy for our Robert. He grew up in orphanage believing to have no family  but as an older teenage social workers found his father and he was reunited. Although he has finsihed his schooling, unemployment levels are high in Uganda and Robert has had no work. Recently we were able to assist Robert through leather craft course, equipping him with skills for life. Now we are working on developing his business knowledge to fully enable him with a sustainable future! Exciting times. We are hoping to offer some of Robert's leather work soon through an upcycled leather project so stay tuned!
Feeling like spring is in the air again for Melbourne so bring a touch of colour and change to your wardrobe with our handmade jewellery from Uganda. Beautiful, unique and life changing, if that doesn't say spring, I don't know what does! Xo
Did you know that our workshops are not only a great opportunity to see our jewellery firsthand and even try it all on, but are also a great opportunity to learn about where your money goes when you shop? We take a $10 tshirt as an example and breakdown just where you $10 goes so that you'll be equipped with knowledge about the impact your purchase power truly has, and not just with us but with every decision you make! Gather your friends,  have fun, learn something new and change the world! Who's in? Contact me today xo
'Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It's what sunflowers do.' - Helen Keller 
Perfect motivational as this blustery, wintery day makes me dream of summer. Who else is summer dreaming already?
A little behind the scenes today. Here Robert is cutting the paper into the thin strips while Winnie is rolling them into beads before vanishing. Each part of the process is done by hand. It's truly a beautiful thing to watch, not only the way thier fingers make quick and expert work of it all but to witnes the  caring community that is born from the gathering together to create. This what your purchase supports.  This who your purchase creates opportunity for.
When everyone is telling you its spring but you don't believe it because the weather outside is frightful, you can always add the colour, fun and personality to your day with our unique,  handmade jewellery that gives opportunity for our makers to rise put of poverty xo
For today's #fridayintroductions I'd like you to meet Lovincer.  Hardworking, married mother of 10, grandmother, aunt, she joins our group to contribute to her large family's needs. Her father died when she was  young leaving her mother to struggle to provide. She met her husband as young woman and is grateful he is a good man. She also tells me its her joy and happiness to support other women and help them with thier opportunity too. Now thats the kind of change making thinking I can get behind! And you can too. Because every purchase provides support, opportunity and hope to Lovincer and our artisans xo
Happy Friday all! Here in Australia its the first day of spring! So its a great excuse to bring the colour back into your wardrobe with pieces that make an impact in more ways than one! Some new changes on the website too so be sure to check those out. See our instastory for more!
Hey guys, we received our new tags today! What do you think? We've got all the heart eyes for them 😍😍😍